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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:42
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Main » 2010 » May » 16 » In Makhachkala, the monument Irchi Cazacu rally
In Makhachkala, the monument Irchi Cazacu rally
Within the 180 th anniversary of the founder Kumyk literature Irchi Cossack in Dagestan, the whole year will pass the event to his memory. Today in Makhachkala, the monument to classic poetry Kumyk rally. Writers, public figures, poets, composers, as well as students recited works Irchi Cossack. A talented musician, a virtuoso who owned agachkumuzom, Cossack with his youth, became famous singing improvisations and earned the nickname "Irchi", which means singer. He was in exile in Siberia for being helped to his friend in the kidnapping of his beloved. There he wrote poems about his longing for his homeland and a strong hatred for this world. After reference works Irchi Cossack became pronounced accusatory nature. He denounced the princes and lords, their predatory quest for greed. In the heyday of his talent poet was treacherously killed.
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