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Friday, 06.08.2021, 00:36
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News Dagestan

The history of the Dagestan

At the beginning of our era in the modern nation of Dagestan is part of Caucasian Albania.

From VI to XI century, most of the mountainous Dagestan united under the rule of feudal kingdom with its capital in Sarir Khunzakh. Dynasty rulers, Christians, was in a relationship with the Persian shahin-shah-Sasanids.

During Arabic-Khazar wars in VII-X century a large part of Caucasian Albania, including the northern (lowland) part of the modern Dagestan occupy Khazars.

In the VII century Derbent becomes a key point of the Caliphate, in the eastern Caucasus is beginning to penetrate Islam. From IX to XI century is the separation of Derbent emirate of the Caliphate.

At the beginning of XII century on the ruins of Sarir is emerging Muslim kingdom - Shamhalstvo with its capital in Qazi Kumuhe. At the beginning of the XIV century it is attested in written sources as Dagestan.

In the years 1239-40 came the invasion of the Tatar-Mongols inner Dagestan. Tatar-Mongol troops, passing through the Maritime and Southern Dagestan, invaded Ghazi Kumuhskogo shamhalstva.

At the end of XIV century - the fight mountaineers with Tamerlane. In 1395 Tamerlane penetrated through the passage of Derbent in Dagestan ownership. Hikes of its troops accompanied by massive destruction of Dagestan population. Due to the fact that a number of Dagestani feudal lords supported the opponent of Tamerlane - Tohtamish. Foothills and south of Dagestan were virtually deserted.

In the XV century in Dagestan finally and universally applies to Islam. Dagestan will begin to spread Islam in the North Caucasus

From 1588 to 1607 was a Russian-shamhalskaya war initiated by the Moscow government to help its ally, the king of Kakheti Alexander. The world has not been concluded, the end of the war is an exchange of prisoners in 1607, Mr. mediated by the Persian Shah Abbas I, after which was restored the status quo.

In 1594 he was the campaign the troops of Tsar Fedor Ivanovich, under the command of generals on Khvorostinin Shamhalstvo to sit on shamhalstvo matchmaker king Kakheti Alexander. Russian troops took the city Tarki, but were trapped troops Shamhal and his ally Avar Khan. Voivod Khvorostinin, without waiting for the arrival of a Georgian with a contender for shamhalstvo, decided to leave Dagestan, and return to the Terek, breaking through the blockade. In the Terek returned only a quarter of the detachment (a total of about 2500 people).

In 1604 took place on march the troops of Tsar Boris Godunov in shamhalstvo, intends to establish in Tarka jail. Secondary captured by Russian troops Tarkov. But the troops Shamhal led by his son Sultan Muta dislodged from the Russian forts on the Sulak and Aktaş. After unsuccessful attempts to Sultan Mahmud discourage Tarki back Buturlin agrees with Shamkhalov of free retreat for the Sulak. In celebration of Bairam, the imams allowed Shamhal from the curse, this wrong. And Sultan Mouth moved behind the retreating Russian caught up with them at the river Ozen. In three hours of bloody battle killed nearly all the Russian army and the two generals. Among the dead was the Sultan himself Daghestanians Mouth.

In the XVII century, the struggle between the Russian and Persian states provokes feudal disunity and internal strife, which have resulted in Dagestan Shamhalstvo begins to disintegrate on inheritances. In addition Shamkhalov begin to lose control of the republican communities and their unions (the so-called "free society").

In 1642 was formed Tarkovsky shamhalstvo and other possessions. Alivek II creates Kazikumuhskoe Khanate, which plays an important role in the protection of Dagestan from the Persian and Russian invaders.

In the years 1668-1669 held a "Persian war" Don Cossack Stepan Razin - walking up to the territory of Turkmenistan, the Persians, Azeris, Cossacks defeated the Persian army and navy, in this campaign destroyed the town of Derbent

In the XVIII century is held in Dagestani conflict with tsarist Russia and Persia

In 1721 Surkhay Khan I, Haji Dawood and utsmy Ahmed Khan again take Shemakha and precipitated Ganja. In the same year Surkhay Khan I dismiss qizilbash Kabala town. Utsmy, Ahmad Khan Kaytagsky with Hadji Daud capture distant Ardebil in Iran.

In the Russian Empire

• 1722-1735 years. - Second-Russian Dagestan war. The campaign of Peter I on Dagestan. Russian troops formally joins the entire coast of the Caspian Sea (Gilan and Mazandaran including). After the death of Peter I of Persia refuses the conditions of the contract and once again tries to capture the shore of the Caspian Sea.

• 1734, 1736, 1741-1743 years. - A campaign of Nadir Shah in Dagestan and its defeat in Andalan-Turchidagskom battle.

• 1813 - the struggle with Persia, Russia completed the terms of the Gulistan Peace denial of Persia from its claim to the eastern Caucasus and the Central Caucasus.

• Beginning of 20-ies of the XIX century - Russian troops completed the conquest Dagestani feudal estates (Shamhalstvo Tarkovsky, Kazikumuhskoe Khanate, Mehtulinskoe Khanate Avar nutsalstvo, Kaytagskoe utsmiystvo, Tabasaran maasumstvo)

• 1829-1859 years. - The Third Russian-Dagestan War, led by three imams turns into the Great Caucasian War. State Imamate in Dagestan and Chechnya

• 1860 - founded Dagestan region of the Russian Empire under the "military-national governance.

• 1860-1867 years. - Under various pretexts, the Russian military and colonial administration eliminates the Dagestani feudal tenure, vassal of the Russian Empire. The latter is obliged to renounce control Shamsutdin-Shamhal (1860-1867 years)..

• 1877 - universal sharia uprising in Dagestan as a reaction to the beginning of Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878. Provoked by news of the successful landing of Mohajirs in Abkhazia and the coming of the son of Imam Shamil - Marshal of the Ottoman army Ghazi Muhammad under Kars. The main centers of rebellion: Ichkeria Sogratl, Ghazi Kumuh, Tsudahar, Teletl, Styria and other short-term restoration of the majority of khanate. Despite initial successes (take Kazi Kumuhskoy fortress and the destruction of Russian garrison), the revolt is suppressed, the major ringleaders were executed, thousands of participants and the families of suspects sent to different regions of Russia (from Karelia to Irkutsk).

Soviet period

January 20, 1921 was established Dagestan ASSR.

In 1929 was carried out administrative reform, which resulted in instead of the 10 districts was established 28 districts.

In 1937, under the Constitution of the USSR adopted a new Constitution of Dagestan.

In 1944 was founded the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Northern Caucasus (the Duma), headed by the Mufti, whose residence was the city of Buinaksk.

In 1990 was founded the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Dagestan (DUMD) due to the collapse of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Northern Caucasus.


• September 17, 1991 - change of status and renaming the Dagestan Soviet Socialist Republic, and on 17 December 1991 - the Republic of Dagestan.

• 1994 - adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Dagestan.

• 1996 - hostage-taking militants Salman Raduyev in Kizlyar. Suicide terrorists apartment block in the Caspian.

• May 21, 1998 - Makhachkala - brothers Hachilaevy his supporters seized the government building and the State Council of the Republic and subject him to defeat.

• 1999 - The Wahhabi rebellion in the western and central Dagestan and its suppression. The invasion of Chechen separatists in Dagestan and their subsequent destruction. The terrorist acts of the separatists against civilians, the bloodiest of which was the explosion of 5-storey building in Buinaksk.

• 2002 - the bombing of the military band at a celebration on May 9 in the Caspian. During the period from 2002 to present participants of a religious extremist underground Dagestan committed dozens of terrorist acts

• 2006 - at the suggestion of Vladimir Putin, Muhu Aliev became the first president of the republic.

• 2009 - the murder of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Dagestan Adilgereya Magomedtagirov.

• 2010 - February 11, at the suggestion of Dmitry Medvedev Magomedsalam Magomedov becomes the second president of the republic.

Lastest news

Law enforcement agencies for involvement in acts of sabotage - terrorist activities and terrorist organizations a double in Makhachkala wanted by members of the so-called "Makhachkala" gang:

1. Mamaev Hussein ("Hamza") Nadirovich, born in 1988, a native and resident. Novokuli Kumtorkalinskogo Area of ​​Dagestan, the ringleader, "Makhachkala" gang;

2. Kazanbiev Magomedovich Ruslan, born 1988, native of Makhachkala, a resident. Novokuli Kumtorkalinskogo Area of ​​Dagestan, an active member of the "Makhachkala" gang;

3. Majidov Medzhidovich Rasul, born 1984, native of s.Novokuli Novolaksky region of Dagestan, who lives in the area s.Chapaevo Kumtorkalinskogo RD, an active member of the "Makhachkala" gang;

4. Omarov Eid Magomedovich, born 1988, native of ... Read more »
Category: Accidents news | Views: 1540 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.05.2012

For part-time operatives of the FSB could significantly advance the investigation of a double bombing in Makhachkala. Vzryvotehniki found that a homemade bomb in the passenger "Mitsubishi Charisma" was in the cabin and the wheel was a young woman. By the way, a car bought specially for the militia terrorists. It is easier to learn to manage. A more powerful device, attached to the bottom of the criminals "Gazelle" and disguised under the gas equipment. More precisely - 50-liter gas tank, in which there was an explosive mixture. "Gazelle", according to investigators, the man drove to the post. In the next few hours, will be finished and chemical examination of residues of explosives. By then it will be clear exactly which components are used by terrorists. Today on a conference call with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, Dagestan his colleagues reported the first results of the Moscow investigation.

 Double attack on the outskirts of Makhachkala occurred last night ... Read more »
Category: Accidents news | Views: 1387 | Added by: dagestan | Date: 05.05.2012

At least five militants were killed today in Kizlyar district during special operations force. Clash with the division of internal troops, occurred in a forest near the village of Ukrainian. The details of this operation is not yet known. At the same time, according to preliminary data, there is a loss and the military - four dead, two injured. At this hour of operation in Kizlyar district is completed.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 1374 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 27.01.2012

More than 40 percent of the grape harvest in Russia is on Dagestan. Market research conducted by Intesko Risech showed that over the past three years the total solar collecting berries in the country is growing every year by an average of ten percent. Nearly all the grapes in the Russian Federation is going to the Southern Federal District, more specifically in our country and in some parts of the Krasnodar Territory. For comparison, the share of other regions accounted for only 2 percent.
Category: Economic news | Views: 1409 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 27.01.2012

  Two residents of Derbent was kidnapped and forcibly detained citizen Telman Huseynov in the basement of the old gym and tried to extort from him two million rubles. The incident occurred Jan. 24, when under the pretext of selling sports mat of the victim was lured into the room. Is closer to the morning using the fact that one of the suspects left and the second was distracted Guseinov grabbed a gun lying on the floor and made ​​in Ibrahim Abubakarov 5 shots, the latter died on the spot. After that Huseynov was killed took a mobile phone and called the police. Arrived on the scene, investigators found air pistol with erased numbers, converted by firing live ammunition, and traumatic gun, two cell phones, handcuffs, hunting knives and tape. Currently, the police find out all the details of the incident. A criminal case, the investigations.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 1419 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 27.01.2012

January 30 in Spain, will start an international football tournament among the teams of the north-eastern Europe. Competitions will be held on the Olympic system. During the trophy will be fighting 12 clubs. They came in and Makhachkala "Anji".

Any event that is associated with "Anji", now is a great curiosity. Copa del Sol or the Sun Cup, this is the first trophy that will try to get Makhachkala residents. We decided to personally learn from experts and ordinary fans, what does the tournament for the club and what are the predictions.

It should be noted that the training camps in the UAE, "Anji" held the matches in which seemed to put it mildly, not expressive. Did someone knowingly sold or did not have time to buy?

Organizers divided the Copa del Sol all the teams into two groups - Benidorm and La Manga. Their name corresponds to the cities where matches will be held. Favorite tournament is Donetsk "Shakhtar".

It so happened that "Anji" is a club of which ... Read more »
Category: Sport news | Views: 1646 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 27.01.2012

Today, the Bridgestone-scene of Nashville Tennessee, USA, will fight in mixed martial arts MMA UFC between British Iranian Kamal Shalorus nicknamed the "Prince of Persia" and Russia's Habib Nurmagomedov. Prior to this fight in the asset Russians 16 victories and no defeats. The Briton is, who believes that he is ready to fight at 100% in his last fight lost to Jim Miller in the tournament UFC - 128.

Category: Sport news | Views: 1884 | Added by: dagestan | Date: 20.01.2012

On the basis of the Dagestan State Technical University hosted the third round of the All-Russia regional Olympiads in physics, told RIA "Dagestan" the dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics DGTU Elena Pavlyuchenko.

"The first two rounds - school and municipal - have been at the beginning of the year. The third round was held in two stages. First round - theoretical - was held on 13 January, and the second - Pilot - January 15. In the competition participated students 9, 10 and 11 classes from almost all cities and districts of Dagestan. In a theoretical tour, there were 101, and in the second round - the pilot, was attended by 36 students. Both rounds were conducted on the instructions of the Central subject-methodical commission of the Ministry of Education and Science, which is summed up and defined the winners "- said the source.

As a result of the Olympiad has identified 19 top experts in physics.
Category: Society news | Views: 1465 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.01.2012

Net profit for Google in 2011 grew by 15% compared with 2010 and totaled $ 9.74 billion Earnings per common share was $ 29.76, up 13% over the previous year. Operating profit for the last year in the company valued at $ 11.74 billion to the report Google states that the annual revenues of $ 37.9 billion, up 29% from a year earlier. On the advertising company generated $ 36.5 billion, while in 2010 the figure was $ 28 billion

In IV quarter 2011 revenue growth Google was annualized 6% ($ 2.7 billion) and revenue growth - 25% ($ 10.6 billion). CEO Larry Page said that Google has exceeded quarterly revenue of $ 10 billion for the first time in history.

After the announcement of the report the company's shares on the Nasdaq fell 10%. Despite the good performance of the experts polled by Reuters, believe that in 2012, the company may affect the unfavorable macroeconomic environment, since about 50% of the revenue Google generates outside the home of the U.S. market.
Category: Economic news | Views: 1392 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.01.2012

January 19 FC "Anji" officially announced the completion of the transaction with the Qatari "Al-GARAFIYEV" for the transition to the team forward, "Anji" Diego Tardelli.

"We want to Diego success in the new club and thank him for the work he has done to our team," - said in a statement Dagestan club, posted on the website "Anji".

It is worth to note that the Brazilian still January 9, wrote in his microblog on Twitter that he had signed a contract for two and a half years, "Al-GARAFIYEV," but no official confirmation of the transition from "Anji," nor of "Al-GARAFIYEV "up until yesterday was not.

According to some media reports, the Qatari club paid "Anji," a football player 7 million euros.

Diego Tardelli passed in Makhachkala club in March 2011, signing a four-year contract. The amount of transfer is estimated at 7.5 million euros. In less than a year in the camp of Makhachkala residents striker, playing in 13 games the team and not marked by any goal.
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