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Thursday, 17.06.2021, 10:33
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January 30 in Spain, will start an international football tournament among the teams of the north-eastern Europe. Competitions will be held on the Olympic system. During the trophy will be fighting 12 clubs. They came in and Makhachkala "Anji".

Any event that is associated with "Anji", now is a great curiosity. Copa del Sol or the Sun Cup, this is the first trophy that will try to get Makhachkala residents. We decided to personally learn from experts and ordinary fans, what does the tournament for the club and what are the predictions.

It should be noted that the training camps in the UAE, "Anji" held the matches in which seemed to put it mildly, not expressive. Did someone knowingly sold or did not have time to buy?

Organizers divided the Copa del Sol all the teams into two groups - Benidorm and La Manga. Their name corresponds to the cities where matches will be held. Favorite tournament is Donetsk "Shakhtar".

It so happened that "Anji" is a club of which ... Read more »
Category: Sport news | Views: 1636 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 27.01.2012

Today, the Bridgestone-scene of Nashville Tennessee, USA, will fight in mixed martial arts MMA UFC between British Iranian Kamal Shalorus nicknamed the "Prince of Persia" and Russia's Habib Nurmagomedov. Prior to this fight in the asset Russians 16 victories and no defeats. The Briton is, who believes that he is ready to fight at 100% in his last fight lost to Jim Miller in the tournament UFC - 128.

Category: Sport news | Views: 1875 | Added by: dagestan | Date: 20.01.2012

January 19 FC "Anji" officially announced the completion of the transaction with the Qatari "Al-GARAFIYEV" for the transition to the team forward, "Anji" Diego Tardelli.

"We want to Diego success in the new club and thank him for the work he has done to our team," - said in a statement Dagestan club, posted on the website "Anji".

It is worth to note that the Brazilian still January 9, wrote in his microblog on Twitter that he had signed a contract for two and a half years, "Al-GARAFIYEV," but no official confirmation of the transition from "Anji," nor of "Al-GARAFIYEV "up until yesterday was not.

According to some media reports, the Qatari club paid "Anji," a football player 7 million euros.

Diego Tardelli passed in Makhachkala club in March 2011, signing a four-year contract. The amount of transfer is estimated at 7.5 million euros. In less than a year in the camp of Makhachkala residents striker, playing in 13 games the team and not marked by any goal.
Category: Sport news | Views: 1369 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.01.2012


The stadium "Khazar" commissioned two new training field. As the official site of FC "Anji", these fields will form the basis for future academy of the club, and on artificial turf in the near future rivals will be able to take the youth team, "Anji". This will set displays, are presented in order of locker rooms and showers will be obtained the necessary certificates.

Artificial turf on the training field has received a certificate with the assessment of FIFA two-star. To do so, were invited to the British firm Sport Lab, who, having all the necessary examinations and tests, gave the corresponding document. Work on laying the fields produced Volgograd firm "INTRAST."

FC "Anji" is planning to further develop the infrastructure of "Khazar", and soon there will at least two full fields for training.
Category: Sport news | Views: 805 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 22.10.2011

Head coach of "Anji" Haji Hajiyev said the match result to Ulyanovsk "Volga ... Read more »
Category: Sport news | Views: 1033 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 19.07.2011

The captain of "Anji" Roberto Carlos said he wanted to become a FIFA ambassador against racism.

"Grievances, which caused me to become an insult, not only for me but for my teammates. These actions were directed against all those who love and play football. I am interested in not only what happens on the field. I'm worried about this as the father of eight children. I want my kids to watch soccer net, have seen the power of this game.

My goal - to make sure that my children and children of all football fans could watch one game and feel beautiful and pure football - it's a real strength "- quoted football Sports.ru with reference to the Globo Esporte.

Agent footballer Fabio Farah confirmed that he intends to meet soon with representatives of FIFA and discuss the possible appointment of Roberto Carlos.
Category: Sport news | Views: 800 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 19.07.2011

For the first time the republic became the owner in carrying out the main sport event in the world of wrestling. Today, the Palace of Ali Aliyev started the World Cup - 2011. Planned to hold a tournament last year, but then it was moved to Moscow. And if a year ago, the participants were 8 countries, this number has increased. In Dagestan team included 14 athletes in different weight categories.

The tournament opened on the international level is really great. Chinese motifs in the music gave way to the rhythms of an Irish march. Wrestling mats for a time became the stage. Flags of 10 countries-participants were welcomed as well as athletes. When extravaganza on an improvised musical stage has ended, the guests and participants were addressed by the president of the republic.

Assess the skill of athletes will be the best experts of the international wrestling federation. In addition, they are members of the jury at such prestigious competitions as the European Championshi ... Read more »
Category: Sport news | Views: 778 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.03.2011

In the Bulgarian city of Varna ended World Championship in Pankration. Competitions were held in various sections of this kind of combat. It should be noted, representatives of Dagestan has once again proved the superiority over their rivals. Wards coach Iman Hanipaeva won 18 gold medals. Triple world champions were Magomed Magomedkerimov and Galbats Magomedzagid. The tournament for girls in two sections excelled Risalat Mingbatyrova.
Category: Sport news | Views: 1073 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 11.10.2010

Good news came from the Bulgarian city of Varna, where the World Championship in Pankration. Immediately six representatives of sports schools of Dagestan, according to one version, became the champions, among mahachkalintsev distinguished Eid Hajiyev, Zaur Asuka, Marat Gafurov Abdulmajid Magomed Magomedov and Magomedkerimov. Women's gold medal in the asset Risovat Mingbatyrovoy of Khasavyurt.
Category: Sport news | Views: 1034 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 08.10.2010

In Untsukule was the fourth Cup in Dagestan in rapid chess. With the result of six points from seven possible excelled international grandmaster Jacana Jacana. Second place earned the grandmaster Maharam Magomedov. A third candidate has a master Ruslan Musalova and fourth from the master of sport of the Soviet Union, Ruslan Huseynov.
Category: Sport news | Views: 885 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.10.2010

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