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Thursday, 17.06.2021, 12:19
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U.S. missile defense system and its NATO allies now includes about a thousand missiles. This statement was made vice-premier of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin.

He stressed that this figure is close to the threshold limit designated in the last START-3, which was signed on April 8, 2010.

According to him, the Americans are pushing their allies in Europe to the procurement of warships, which is a system of missile interception "Aegis".

Rogozin said that Russia has no guarantee that after 2020 the U.S. will stop development of missile defense system. According to the deputy prime minister, such actions will eventually lead to a new arms race.
Category: Politics news | Views: 712 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.01.2012

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin still considered the favorite of the presidential elections scheduled for March 4, 2012 According to the poll of All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), his rating for the week rose from 48% to 52%.

Rating CPRF ​​leader Gennady Zyuganov rose from 10% to 11%. A number of people willing to vote for the leaders of the "Fair Russia" and "Apple" for the week decreased. Thus, from 5% to 4% rating fell by Sergey Mironov, and from 2% to 1% - Grigory Yavlinsky. From 3% to 2% rating has fallen businessman Mikhail Prokhorov.

Next - such indicators: 9%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 0% - from Dmitry Mezentsev, and 0% - at Outrage RC.

The survey polls January 14 was attended by 1,600 people in 153 settlements in 46 regions and republics of Russia. The statistical error does not exceed 3.4%.

Earlier the head of VTsIOM Valery Fyodorov said that Putin's popularity stems from the fact that "it has provided income growth, end the war ... Read more »
Category: Politics news | Views: 856 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 20.01.2012

Monday, July 18, in Moscow, the head of Dagestan Magomedov Magomedsalam held several meetings with members of the government of the Russian Federation and the leadership of banking institutions. It was reported RIA "Dagestan" in the presidential press service of Dagestan.

So, the president of RD Magomedov met with Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin. Issues of state support to the real economy of the country. In particular, it considered the implementation of the project to create a car assembly production - assembly of light trucks with a high degree of localization on the basis of JSC "Aviaagregat." Were also discussed increasing the defense contracts for industrial enterprises and enhance the development of mineral resources of Dagestan.

On the same day he met the head of Dagestan Magomedov Magomedsalam with Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Yury Trutnev. Consideration was given to activities in the territory of the Republic of organizations and institutions ... Read more »
Category: Politics news | Views: 742 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 19.07.2011

In the Georgian capital, continuing protest rally against the crackdown by the authorities "National Assembly" on the night of May 26 reported world-tv. To the monument of Shota Rustaveli, where the action came from 1 to 3 thousand people. This human rights activists and nongovernmental organizations, public and political leaders, ordinary citizens and representatives of various parties. They announced their intention to create a "Union of 26 May under the slogan" No to violence and terror. " Protesters plan to regularly hold such shares. On the night of 25 to 26 May in Tbilisi, police dispersed a rally of the opposition movement People's Assembly "against the current government, using rubber bullets, water cannons and tear gas. Three people died, including law enforcement officers. 
Category: Politics news | Views: 723 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 01.06.2011

In Dagestan, a two-day visit to the chairman of the Council under the Russian President on Civil Society and Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov. Today he met with the head of Dagestan. In an interview with Magomedsalam Magomedov guest outlined the main cause of his arrival in the country - to get acquainted with the problems that exist in Dagestan. In turn, Magomedsalam Magomedov said that the problems requiring expeditious decision in the country lack. You must consolidate all forces. Moreover, that the potential of Dagestan enough and recently there have been many positive changes. They relate to different spheres of life. This is economics, politics, social and even the media. Mikhail Fedotov, and shared his impressions of the capital of Dagestan.
Speaking of working points, the chairman of the Council expressed the view that no matter how many problems were not all they should be resolved only through an open constructive dialogue.
Category: Politics news | Views: 979 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 01.06.2011

The results of elections and the mayor summed up in Derbent. According to the national electoral commission for the United Russia Imam Yaralieva voted 96% of voters, while two other candidates have scored even 2%: 1.76% for Elkhan Kazimova and 1.59% Shamil Murtaibova. We recall, won the election Imam Yaraliev run for mayor of Derbent in the past year. However, the victory then won the acting head of Felix Kaziakhmedov. The Court later overturned the election results due to numerous violations, after which Yaraliev became acting head of the city.
Category: Politics news | Views: 829 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 11.10.2010

Chief bailiff of the Republic of Dagestan appointed Dalgat Amirov

Order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated August 4, 2010 to head the Office of the Federal Judicial Police in the Republic of Dagestan - chief bailiff of the Republic of Dagestan appointed Dalgat Amirov. Amirov Dalgat Saidovich - born in 1979. In 2000 he graduated from the Faculty of "economic management" Dagestan State University. In 2003 - graduated from DSU. From 2001 to 2004 is substituted for the post of the federal civil service the senior bailiff Makhachkala unit Marshals Service of the Main Department, Ministry of Justice on the taxiway. From 2004 2005 Acting Deputy Head UFSSP Russia on Dagestan. After he became Deputy Head of UFSSP Russia in the Republic of Dagestan - deputy chief bailiff republic. In June 2009, the Acting Head of UFSSP Russia in the Republic of Dagestan - the chief bailiff of the Republic of Dagestan. State Counselor of Justice of the Russian Federation 1 class, th ... Read more »
Category: Politics news | Views: 755 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 12.08.2010

Today, the president of the republic Magomedsalam Magomedov met with representatives of the Italian cooperative "Raushedo. The Italian delegation arrived in the republic to consider the construction of the nursery for the production of grafted seedlings of grapes up to 10 million pieces per year. Representatives of the Italian Cooperative expressed their willingness to contribute to reconstruction and development vinogradarcheskoy industry of the country by providing scientific assistance and capacity in the territory of Dagestan, the nursery for the production of grafted seedlings of solar berries. Following the meeting, President Magmedsalam Magomedov instructed the government of the republic, Committee on viticulture and regulation of the alcohol market to consider ways to build mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.
And one more meeting of the President of the Republic took place today with the leadership of Ukrainian corporation "Etalon". The company's representatives in ... Read more »
Category: Politics news | Views: 768 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

Today in the Kremlin, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev chaired a meeting of the InterAction Council of the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the legislative bodies of state power of Russia on "Experience of the Russian Federation in the field of combating corruption". The meeting was attended by members of the Federation Council, headed by the Chairman of the House Sergei Mironov, the heads of legislative assemblies of regions, including the chairman of the People's Assembly of Dagestan Magomedsultan Magomedov. The President invited the senators and deputies of the Duma to discuss the idea of large fines for those convicted of corruption offenses.
Category: Politics news | Views: 685 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

Today the President of the Republic of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov hosted the Bishop of Baku and the Caspian Bishop Alexander. ... Read more »
Category: Politics news | Views: 751 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 17.06.2010

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