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Main » 2010 » May » 25
On Monday, President Magomedsalam RD Magomedov, who is on a two-day official visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan, met with the President of AR Ilham Aliev. The meeting took place in the official residence of President of Azerbaijan Republic. During a bilateral meeting held in a warm, friendly atmosphere, Aliyev and Magomedov exchanged greetings and expressed confidence in further strengthening the good neighborly relations between the fraternal peoples of the two neighboring republics.
Category: Politics news | Views: 572 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

National Bank of Russia celebrates its 150 anniversary. On this occasion, executives of the State Bank today held a meeting with representatives of ministries and departments, as well as with employees cash settlement centers in Dagestan. According to experts, the Bank of Russia continues to increase the pace of development. Banking sector remains the largest number of credit institutions among the subjects of the North Caucasus federal district. He opened the commemorative event Chairman of the National Bank Sirazhudinov Ilyasov. He detailed the history of the development of one of the oldest financial center in Russia.
Category: Society news | Views: 610 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

The Palace of Sports DGPU Open Cup was held in Dagestan for Kudo junior for the prizes of the city administration Mahachkaly. 157 athletes from twelve clubs in Dagestan, as well as command of the Chechen Republic have identified the holders of nineteen sets of awards. In the competitions participated winners of the championship of the country. Despite the residual principle of financing, as non-Olympic sport popular in Dagestan Kudo growing. In terms of employment, the first place was the best pupils of the municipal sports school of Olympic reserve behalf Buzaya Ibragimov, followed closely by the team Akushinsky and Untsukulsky areas.
Category: Sport news | Views: 579 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

Today, the past 4 Republican Conference trade union culture. It was attended by over 80 delegates. The keynote address was republican committee chairman Bariyat Gaidarov. She noted that since 2005 the activities of republican committee of trade unions was carried out under conditions of structural changes in cultural institutions and financial and economic crisis. Central to the work of the union are measures to control wages. Gaidarov noted that over the last year in the field of culture has been reduced about 900 people. It is intended that the rest of the employees of institutions to raise wages. Fund Dagestani libraries slowly replenished, the contents of rural libraries and clubs in many areas leaves much to be desired. The material base of most children's sports schools technically exhausted. The infrastructure of most objects of tourism and recreation was destroyed. But the main issue, which defends the union - an increase in wages. Because the new wage system introduced confusi ... Read more »
Category: Society news | Views: 593 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

Today, 2 million graduates from Russia last school bell will ring out. In connection with the celebrations for enhanced mode transferred all police officers of Russia. In securing the "last call" throughout Russia deployed more than 18 thousand police officers. The tradition of recent calls to arrange in schools appeared in 70 of the 20 century. Then there were the custom of holding a solemn ceremony, a symbolic line with the "last" call. Graduates in the sign of continuity gave juniors gifts - usually a book. Around the same time it has been a tradition to celebrate the beginning of the school year - September 1. Prior to that, actually the only school holiday was prom night.
Category: Society news | Views: 824 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

The most popular profession in the domestic labor market is the sales manager, such data today publishes portal SuperJob.ru. The hardest to find employment lawyers, economists and other humanities. However, the situation on the Russian labor market is gradually stabilizing - according to the Federal State Statistics Service, in April, the unemployed, we became a 300 thousand less than in March.
Category: Economic news | Views: 570 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010

Gulf countries have postponed the creation of the single currency. This was due to difficulties which have recently faced the euro, informs Reuters. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait, the Arab States "to draw many lessons from the current problems of the eurozone. Previously it was assumed that the end of 2010 a single currency can go six countries of the Cooperation Council of Arab Gulf States. This organization brings together Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.
Category: Economic news | Views: 592 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 25.05.2010