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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:56
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Main » 2010 » May » 21 » His 70-year anniversary marks national actress of Russia Asiyat Kumratova
His 70-year anniversary marks national actress of Russia Asiyat Kumratova
70 years today, People's Artist of Russia notes Asiyat Kumratova. Great jubilee will be held in the large Hall of the Russian theater. Among the guests and participants: folklore-ethnographic ensemble "Aylanay and artists of the Republican platform. It's like a dress rehearsal.

This song is about love of country, its people, culture - says Queen Nogai songs. Just yesterday, said Kumratova, I sat on the hill in his native village and sang so loudly that I was called Nightingale. And now she - People's Artist of Daghestan and Russia. For more than half a century gives their art to people.

To congratulate the singer came not only from the Nogai district, but also many well-known dance and vocal ensembles of the republic. Words of gratitude for the many years of labor and management expressed in Dagestan.

Actress likes to repeat itself, that creativity - the main thing that she has. I live on the stage, I feel I communicate with the audience. Anything, but not play. Every song is a particle of my life. So many seem overly emotional. But in another way I can not, says the singer.

Culture of the region Asiyat Kumratova always paid special attention. Everyone must think, above all, for his people. Here she is, singing songs, praising Nogai culture, tells about the origins of folklore. However, close to the old traditions, too, not worth it, says the singer. Even in the old days you can bring something of their own. For me, singing - it is not just creativity, it is something more. Two days do not go on stage and beginning to get bored. And this despite the fact that as a child dreamed of becoming pilots, but not a singer.

A novice artist Asiyat Kumratova advised to avoid stellar illness. Songs must be chosen by themselves, think about the texts, rather than chasing ratings. Not work immediately devalued. The viewer feels that's all. Perhaps this is the secret of success of one of the most popular singers of the Nogai.
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