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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:57
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Main » 2010 » May » 17 » At night, law enforcement agencies conducted a raid on gambling establishments of the city
At night, law enforcement agencies conducted a raid on gambling establishments of the city
Last night the raid took place law enforcement gambling establishments of the city. The purpose of security forces, this time to become the casino "Golden Empire". A month ago, this entertainment center has already seized 80 slot machines. But the hosts did not stop. During the raid was confiscated about 40 one-armed bandits. In the hands of security agencies came and documentation.

Million rubles per day - this is the approximate profit entertainment center. If for some - it is really of entertainment, then for an absolute majority of customers - it is destroyer purses. Late at night here landed Interior Ministry, FSB, prosecutors and other services. The so-called billiard club found 32 slot machines.

Recall that on April 17 are also raided. Illegal property was confiscated. Only with such income as here - buy a new one-armed bandits nothing.
Slot machine in the average price of around 50 thousand rubles, he pays within 5 days. To provide an amount of income is simple. And because the owners cereal seats administrative fines do not pose a serious threat.

An hour later, found 32 machine were a trifle compared with that found by FSB. On the second floor vshkafu-compartment was hidden door in the room accessible only to a narrow circle of VIP-clients.

With the arrival of law enforcement services, VIP-area empty. And very quickly - in the microwave, even the hot food. And the shelves were open brochure. Surprisingly, but judging by the found literature - casino employees believers.

After a while the host institution. Breaking into the game room, he first began to inquire quote - "Who are you," "On what basis are you broke down my door, and another very interesting statement - 'You have no right" - say, a casino has long been not working. But the presented documents proving the opposite.

In notebooks, reports, and other such documentation has all the information about everything that is happening. For some, this empire was indeed gold - here, for example, an entry in a notebook - a, Ahmed left the casino 14,550 dollars. There is a date.

For the three months operatives tested hundreds of institutions. Even prices for slot machines fell by half, according to experts. So, is the result. And the days when a casino restored after a couple of days have passed. It seems that the government obsessed with not acceptable to them and society as a whole underground gambling. And perhaps in the near future such bright restaurant will move into the Russian Las Vegas.
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