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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:45
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Main » 2012 » May » 5 » Terrorism in Makhachkala. The first results of the investigation
Terrorism in Makhachkala. The first results of the investigation
For part-time operatives of the FSB could significantly advance the investigation of a double bombing in Makhachkala. Vzryvotehniki found that a homemade bomb in the passenger "Mitsubishi Charisma" was in the cabin and the wheel was a young woman. By the way, a car bought specially for the militia terrorists. It is easier to learn to manage. A more powerful device, attached to the bottom of the criminals "Gazelle" and disguised under the gas equipment. More precisely - 50-liter gas tank, in which there was an explosive mixture. "Gazelle", according to investigators, the man drove to the post. In the next few hours, will be finished and chemical examination of residues of explosives. By then it will be clear exactly which components are used by terrorists. Today on a conference call with the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia, Dagestan his colleagues reported the first results of the Moscow investigation.

 Double attack on the outskirts of Makhachkala occurred last night. With an interval of 15-20 minutes, a police post near the blown up passenger "Mitsubishi charisma" and "Gazelle". The siloviki have no doubt that the first explosion "light vehicles" was the bait. In place of going to a crowd of people at once. Come firefighters, police officers and begin to assist the wounded. The police, as they could, tried to disperse the onlookers and move people to a safe distance, but not in time. At this time, a second explosion rocked, then there are those, and others are trapped. "Gazelle" exploded almost ten meters from the throng.

 This number of wounded also explained by the fact that the explosives were stuffed with metal dowels. Therefore, the severe trauma. Today the head of Dagestan immediately interrupted a business trip to Moscow and returned home. From the airport Magomedsalam Magomedov immediately sent to the clinic. In the wards he visits the victims, asks them about the state of health and how it all happened. Builder Uzungadzhi Magomedov shows bandaged foot in the blood and said that after the first explosion was stuck in a huge traffic jam in my car. At a nearby couch Ramazanov Samad, a master - Emergency rescue. He and his group at the fire truck, arrived on the scene to put out burning cars and gas, but barely had time to deploy the hydrants, as a second explosion rocked. Three colleagues from the group Samad were killed before his eyes.

 Makhachkala hospital doctors said that the wounded receive all possible assistance. Two were transferred to a specialized hospital in Beslan. If you need a higher qualification, you can hit send, and to Moscow for treatment. The state of "heavy" stable. The government of the republic are ready to provide the people and material support.

 In fact a double explosion, the Investigation Department has brought criminal charges on three counts. Including the 205 (terrorist act). Meanwhile, the area overlapped tracks all day, investigators worked. Criminologists were taken from blood spots of asphalt, for genetic examination. At the site found human remains. Fragments of the feet, hands and fingers. High probability that they belong to terrorists. And perhaps this is the first thread in the hands of the investigation. Approximate number of persons who could commit this act of terrorism, security services known.

 Who drove a car bomb, now set the FSB operatives, but just the other day, security forces were sent to the orientation of the three people. According to law enforcement associated with the extremists. In tracing announced two girls and a young man who, according to security officials, would make the attack.
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