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Thursday, 17.06.2021, 12:20
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Triumphantly ended in Pyatigorsk, Southern Federal District Championship Wrestling for a team of Dagestan. In the sports complex momentum, where were these competitions, athletes of our country have won 17 awards out of twenty-eight possible. On their account five gold, four silver and eight bronze medals.

Busy schedule of events forced the coaching staff team Dagestan work on two fronts. One important aspect was Pyatigorsk. In sport Impulse was a struggle not only for the seven sets of medals, but for 35 trips in Volgograd, where in June will be the championship of Russia.

The capital of the North Caucasus Federal District gathered about three hundred athletes. They have three days determines the best in the seven weight categories. The first gold medal to the team of Dagestan will of the tournament regulations brought mahachkalinets Asadulla Lachinov. In the final match for first place in weight up to fifty-five kilograms, he met with a bitter rival of Khasavyur ... Read more »
Category: Sport news | Views: 751 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 17.05.2010

Since July this year, leading metallurgical plants in the country can raise the price of steel for the automotive industry. The price spike may take up to 30%. If this happens, prices will go up immediately and the cars. However, experts say, such a disposition is unlikely to touch foreign cars assembled in Russia, because the materials from which they are kept completely foreign.
Category: Economic news | Views: 706 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 17.05.2010

The richest of the State Duma deputies was Leonid Simanovsky, a representative of the party "United Russia". Its annual revenue was more than 1 billion rubles. According to magazine Forbes, the total size of its state exceeds 900 million dollars. In second place is located another billionaire - Vladimir Gruzdev, creator of online shopping "Seventh Continent", he has nearly 950 million rubles. Third on the list was Gregory Anikeev with an annual income of 860 million rubles.
Category: Economic news | Views: 772 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 17.05.2010

Within the 180 th anniversary of the founder Kumyk literature Irchi Cossack in Dagestan, the whole year will pass the event to his memory. Today in Makhachkala, the monument to classic poetry Kumyk rally. Writers, public figures, poets, composers, as well as students recited works Irchi Cossack. A talented musician, a virtuoso who owned agachkumuzom, Cossack with his youth, became famous singing improvisations and earned the nickname "Irchi", which means singer. He was in exile in Siberia for being helped to his friend in the kidnapping of his beloved. There he wrote poems about his longing for his homeland and a strong hatred for this world. After reference works Irchi Cossack became pronounced accusatory nature. He denounced the princes and lords, their predatory quest for greed. In the heyday of his talent poet was treacherously killed.
Category: Culture news | Views: 795 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.05.2010

Improvised explosive device of about 5 - 7 kg of TNT was found and defused in Sergokalinskom district of Dagestan, RIA "Novosti". SIRS was observed at 15 km of "Sergokala-Ayalizimahi" during an additional inspection of the premises and adjoining territory, 200 meters from the clashes that took place May 13. A dangerous discovery was destroyed in place by the imposed charge Explosives Dagestan Interior Ministry riot police.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 686 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.05.2010

Tonight begins the annual international event "Night at the Museum", which will last until morning. As part of the action everyone can go to the museum for free. The main goal, according to the organizers - show the resource capabilities, the potential of modern museums and attract young people into the museum. In Russia in "Night at the Museum" takes more than 100 art organizations.
Category: Culture news | Views: 900 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.05.2010

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