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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:47
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Main » 2011 » March » 20 » For the first time the republic became the owner in carrying out the main sport event in the world of wrestling
For the first time the republic became the owner in carrying out the main sport event in the world of wrestling
For the first time the republic became the owner in carrying out the main sport event in the world of wrestling. Today, the Palace of Ali Aliyev started the World Cup - 2011. Planned to hold a tournament last year, but then it was moved to Moscow. And if a year ago, the participants were 8 countries, this number has increased. In Dagestan team included 14 athletes in different weight categories.

The tournament opened on the international level is really great. Chinese motifs in the music gave way to the rhythms of an Irish march. Wrestling mats for a time became the stage. Flags of 10 countries-participants were welcomed as well as athletes. When extravaganza on an improvised musical stage has ended, the guests and participants were addressed by the president of the republic.

Assess the skill of athletes will be the best experts of the international wrestling federation. In addition, they are members of the jury at such prestigious competitions as the European Championships and Olympic Games. For outstanding contribution to the development of the struggle and for the excellent organization of the event the president of Dagestan, was awarded the highest award FILA - the golden award.

As in any sport, in the struggle, too, sometimes not without injuries and bruises. Heal the wounds in an incident called the Medical Service professionals. Capture the best moments of matches to come and many foreign pictures and television journalists. So on Dagestan in many international channels will speak as a region and a sports perspective.

Not every corner of the world can boast so many fighters. The republic has only 30 thousand beginners, 1000 trainers. Still working on only one result - to put on the blades rival. Touchet, without violating the strict code of fair competition.

Palace of Sports named Ali Aliyev is designed for 5,500 seats. But judging from the stands, spectators are so much more. But to see the spectacular fights of the best freestyle wrestlers of the world, some are ready to stand. Yes, and a clock.

Tomorrow the athletes will be the main symbol of victory - these trophies. Over one such exclusive thing worked dozens of artists far beyond the republic.
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