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Sunday, 23.02.2020, 03:18
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Today is International Children's Day. This date was adopted in 1949 the first Women's Congress in Paris. It symbolizes the universal struggle to preserve the health of the younger generation, the implementation of their upbringing and education in a democratic manner.
Category: Society news | Views: 418 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 01.06.2011

Turkish businessmen have studied conditions in different areas of the economy of Dagestan to start their own projects. Today they met with specialists of the Ministry of Industry and Investment Agency. Foreigners are willing to build infrastructure facilities in the country, to import, investing in facilities recreation, wastewater treatment facilities. It is also planned construction of the harbor to accommodate small boats, factories for the production of dried fruits. Possible to export leather and yarn. And this is only a small part of future projects. Intention to cooperate with Turkish businessmen Agency for Tourism of the Republic has concluded another international tourist exhibition in Istanbul.
Category: Society news | Views: 426 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 02.04.2011

Chapter Charodinskogo district majority elected Magomedgadzhi Ibragimov. Voted for him in 54,5% of voters. Ibragimov previously served as deputy head of the district. Chapter MO "Derbent district became Kurban Kurbanov. He earned a 98.5% vote. In Tarumovskom district re-elected the acting head of the district. Voted for him 80% of voters. Living in Kizlyar district chose a 28-year-old deputy head of the district Andrei Vinogradov. Voted for him in about 87% of voters. Electoral Commission Akushinsky district reported 54% of Magomed Ismailov, the deputy "Dagestanavtodora. Almost all residents Agul district cast their votes for the incumbent head of the district Yuri Ismailov. He has 96%.
Category: Society news | Views: 557 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 11.10.2010

The State Duma will consider a bill that would radically alter the scheme of payment of sick leave. The main thing about him is that one hundred per cent of average earnings will not be paid after 8 years working experience and 15 years later. In addition, the hospital will be assessed on the basis of average earnings are not over 12 months and 24 months. With relevant initiatives in the Lower House of Parliament asked the Health Ministry. Agency explains that the budget of social insurance is scarce, subsidized by the federal budget, and hence does not work on insurance principles. In addition, the current procedure for calculating the hospital was established back in the seventies, and now it is not fair. Thus, the bill aims to kill two birds with one stone.
Category: Society news | Views: 490 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 11.10.2010

After analyzing the progress of the "National Action Plan for 2009-2011. to maintain polio-free status of the Russian Federation ", the chief state sanitary doctor of the Republic of Dagestan Eleanor Omarieva, noted that according to the reporting forms for the whole country to reach and sustain high coverage of children against polio in the timeframe of the national calendar of vaccinations, According to the press service of Rospotrebnadzor on taxiways.
Category: Society news | Views: 512 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 08.10.2010

Today in MEDICAL ACADEMY passed 5 scientific and practical conference Phthisiatricians Dagestan. Doctors summarize a decade of doctors. The conference was attended by experts from Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria and Moscow. The Conference is dedicated to the 80 th anniversary of Professor Huseyin Huseynov.

Conference did not start quite normally. With congratulations and wishes, beautiful and touching. Professor Hussein Medical Academy Huseynov 80 years. In addition to this doctor for over 55 years working in healthcare. Specializations in medicine are many: from pharmacist to surgeon. He also became phthisiology. Lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx - phthisiatrician should easily identify any violation of, the doctor says. Work needed, not sparing himself, each time saving someone's life. Furthermore, Huseynov is called a pioneer. After a number of new surgical interventions in tuberculosis of the spine, hip - is his technique.

He started his PhD, as many others, with w ... Read more »
Category: Society news | Views: 507 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 08.10.2010

President of the republic of Dagestan has congratulated teachers with a wonderful holiday - the Day of the teacher.

The message reads: "In every man's life a teacher has a special place. His wisdom, generosity and talent, he gives the students a start in life, taught to overcome difficulties on the path of life and build a future, believe in your own strength, and preserve the beauty of his native land and do everything for her prosperity.

Teaching is not comparable with any other profession in the world. It requires not just high-quality transmission of knowledge but also the special spirituality of the person accepting the hard work of training and educating the younger generation. Largely on the professionalism and personal qualities of a teacher depends on the fate of children, tomorrow's Republic and the country. "

The head of republic expressed confidence that the selfless and noble work of teachers will educate the educated and motiv ... Read more »
Category: Society news | Views: 439 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.10.2010

Every time you see teachers who give all their life work wonders. Salaries of teachers in secondary schools has always been small. However, for many the money is not important. Hope Panarin - one of those who were able to cope with life's difficulties, and gave teaching for several decades.

She was 64, his advanced age, but the favorite thing Davydovna Hope is not going to leave, will work another year, "she says. Teaching business has given 40 years - and all this time in the same school, same class. First taught high school German, it suddenly became not needed, English supplanted. Had to change the profile, and now 17 years old A-student public education teaches the culture and traditions of the peoples of Dagestan. Loves his work and know they say about it here. In the 33rd Makhachkala gymnasium Panarin respected and valued, including parents and students, they have her frequent visitors.

It would seem that all is well. Colleagues appreciate, respect the stude ... Read more »
Category: Society news | Views: 621 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.10.2010

In the period from October 15 to November 20, more than 20 thousands of Russian Muslims, including 8,000 residents of the Republic of Dagestan, are planning to make a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia.
The Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed health regulations for the season of Hajj and Umrah "on the organization of Hajj and conditions of admission Russian pilgrims," the press service of Rospotrebnadzor on taxiways.
Mandatory condition of pilgrimage is a certificate, certified by the health authorities of the Russian Federation of vaccination against meningitis, which should be made not later than 10 days and not more than 3 years prior to entry into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia quadruple vaccine ACWY. In addition, the Ministry of Health, the CSA encourages States to send their pilgrims be vaccinated against seasonal influenza before going to Hajj, especially elderly persons, persons with diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, liver and kidneys.
Pilgrims t ... Read more »
Category: Society news | Views: 493 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 04.10.2010

In Russia, autumn begins on Oct. 1 calls, which runs until November 30. From Dagestan in the military service will travel more than 4 thousand conscripts, it was declared by the chief military commissioner of the republic. On this occasion today in the national collection point met. All of the recruiting station in Dagestan preparing for the fall season. Matters relating to food, accommodation and entertainment of soldiers were taken under special control. The meeting was assured that they will be given to recruits with higher education and the presence of a driver's license categories BC and D.
Category: Society news | Views: 470 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 30.09.2010

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