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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:44
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Main » 2010 » October » 8 » In Makhachkala, was 5 scientific-practical conference Phthisiatricians Dagestan
In Makhachkala, was 5 scientific-practical conference Phthisiatricians Dagestan
Today in MEDICAL ACADEMY passed 5 scientific and practical conference Phthisiatricians Dagestan. Doctors summarize a decade of doctors. The conference was attended by experts from Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria and Moscow. The Conference is dedicated to the 80 th anniversary of Professor Huseyin Huseynov.

Conference did not start quite normally. With congratulations and wishes, beautiful and touching. Professor Hussein Medical Academy Huseynov 80 years. In addition to this doctor for over 55 years working in healthcare. Specializations in medicine are many: from pharmacist to surgeon. He also became phthisiology. Lungs, bronchi, trachea, larynx - phthisiatrician should easily identify any violation of, the doctor says. Work needed, not sparing himself, each time saving someone's life. Furthermore, Huseynov is called a pioneer. After a number of new surgical interventions in tuberculosis of the spine, hip - is his technique.

He started his PhD, as many others, with work on an ambulance. Was a nurse. The most difficult and unexpected situations, says helped the young doctor to make decisions quickly and learn everything in practice. Despite the fact that the TB situation in Dagestan is improving. Yet there remain some difficulties. The main thing is to resolve the issue with the lack of staff, said the professor.

According to physicians, today, tuberculosis can be cured almost completely. By the way, if the problem with the lungs have not yet passed into the chronic stage. The most effective treatment is antibiotic therapy. Chemotherapy drugs take at least 9 months. And most often the disease is losing ground.

For a long time, tuberculosis was called "the master of death." But today, thanks to hard work of people such as Hussein Guseinov, it is hoped that the "captain" capitulating to the hard work tuberculotherapist.
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