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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:56
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Main » 2010 » July » 13 » Mahachkalinets Amirkhan Magomedov art of stained glass dedicated 10 years
Mahachkalinets Amirkhan Magomedov art of stained glass dedicated 10 years
In the Middle Ages in Europe, becoming art of stained glass has been directly linked to an active temple construction. The colorful, stained-glass compositions were a message of salvation and understanding of medieval society and its rulers. Now stained glass artists - a rarity not only in Europe but also in Russia. But mahachkalinets Amirkhan Magomedov love with the art collection of stained glass has devoted ten years.

That's a piece of glass eyeglass, and going to this clever puzzle, to be exact - the art of stained glass. Amirkhan Magomedov assembling stained glass is engaged for 10 years and had never regretted that he had changed his prestigious career economist at the complex, but exciting work on the master stained glass windows.
The history of glass as old as mankind. It goes back to the second millennium BC, when ancient Egyptians learned to make vessels of this material. But what we today call the stained-glass window, appeared only in the era of early Christianity. Since then, the technology of its production is cart, glassonstantly changing and improving.

A small tool kit, stained glass from America, it is considered the best, a lot of patience and stained glass ready. Per square meter in Amirkhan takes an average of 5 days. Over the years his skills, he created 100 works, and each of them as a work of art.

Stained glass has not lost its relevance in our days. It can be seen in the window of the palace of some oligarch, church, college or public institution. The palette of colors to thousands of diverse colors. And, despite all the difficulties of his art, Amirkhan Magomedov is full of creative ideas and pans, which necessarily translate into a picture of colored glasses, because the artist is not unrealistic projects. On the stained glass windows he knows almost everything.
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