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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:28
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Main » 2010 » July » 14 » In Novolakskiy SEC drought ruined almost the entire crop
In Novolakskiy SEC drought ruined almost the entire crop
cropSevere heat not only exhausts the European part of Russia, but also melts the Arctic ice. In the lowland areas of the country to 40 degrees in the mountains - up to 34. Overcast weather did not give any hope village workers. The drought has destroyed 9,000,000 hectares of crops.

Last year Novolakskiy SEC raised and preserved a good harvest, which allowed farmers to take leading positions in the republic. But with the year of the tiger in novolaktsev at once went wrong - Torrential rains have not given time to sow, and the anomalous heat has destroyed all that sprouted. Moreover - and the financial crisis raging in all.

Even the foremost production shrug - nature has once again showed who depends on whom. This drought does not bode well. It seems that once again be written off acres of arable land and wait for help from the center. Insure the harvest of the village is not yet accustomed to, and therefore remains scrape by susekam to somehow make ends meet reduced.

Ships fields - harvesters - three times already crossed over the retirement age. The youngest of them - 15 years, why are these giants in the midday sun surrounded by fidgety engineers. The SPC Lenin always considered as good as the problems and all, and even the heat is one common to all. No illusions about the care and support are not fed - as always rely on God ... But the main thing - do not take a false step itself.

Despite predictions and low - at 5.8 tons per hectare - give up the farms do not intend to. Agriculture fever and throws from one extreme to another - if in the past did not know where to sell crops, in this - it may be a real threat to food security not only of the republic, and the country.
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