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Main » 2010 » July » 26 » In Makhachkala hosted the first open city championship in beach soccer
In Makhachkala hosted the first open city championship in beach soccer
In Makhachkala hosted the first open city championship in beach soccer, devoted to the Constitution of Dagestan for the prizes of the City Committee on Sports, Tourism and Youth and the patron Magomedmurada Alibekova. The tournament was attended by 12 teams of Makhachkala, the Caspian and Karabudahkentskogo area.

For prizes, medals, diplomas and Cups Tournament fought all those who in time to file an application. This year, they earn 12 teams. The popularity of beach soccer in the country is growing, say organizers. Sport № 1 in the beach version differs little from its main counterpart - the big football. 4 player in the field, one at the gate, three halves of 10 minutes to determine the winner. There is also less than the size of the site, gates and distance penalty. And, importantly, the role of the goalkeeper. He's here more than polkomandy.

The smooth sandy floor, two doors and ball. This is all that is needed to run a competition in beach soccer, said Magomedmurad Alibekov, both the organizer and goalkeeper "INC". And members will always be. Those wishing to engage in sports we have more than enough. A strength and technique can show in beach soccer. This year's prizes for the tournament fighting team cities and regions, groups of physical education and sports clubs. In short, all who wish to challenge the grand prize - the ball "Dzhabulani, remembered at the last World Cup in South Africa.

Another difference from the beach soccer football - should most of the time the match ends in a draw, assign a penalty to the first miss. So what happened in the finals of the tournament. Where they met Makhachkala command "INC" and "Redbul. The regulation time ended in a draw, 2:2. By Penalties were luckier players "INC". They won the top prize. The bronze medals and the cup went to Gubdenskoy command "Yangaul. Next year, fans of beach soccer and gather here to identify the strongest in the tournament. Which, as organizers hope will become traditional and will please all parties. "Bringing joy to everyone" - just sounds so one of the languages of South Africa "Dzhabulani.
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