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Tuesday, 18.06.2019, 13:46
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Main » 2010 » July » 31 » In Kumtorkalinskom area fire burnt 800 hectares of land
In Kumtorkalinskom area fire burnt 800 hectares of land
In Kumtorkalinskom area fire burnt 800 hectares of land. This and pastures, and vineyards, and even the auxiliary buildings. Villagers Korkmaskala two days fought the fire, but was unable to locate the flame.

Fires do not give me no peace alive, not dead. Fire had reached all the cemetery in Kumtorkalinskom area. There were raging flame height of two meters - all burned. More than 100 residents throughout the night trying to locate the fire, but without success.

More than 800 hectares of land damaged. Burned summer pastures Kumtorkalinskogo area. For two days the villagers Korkmaskala, fought with the fire element, and brought water trucks, and fire engines, but with a strong squally winds and dry weather, fire fighting is not possible. As a result, destroyed over 100 hectares of vineyards. Only SEC behalf Yusupagadzhi Akayev damage amounted to more than 2 million rubles. All work undertaken and the investment wasted.

Kumtorkalintsy think that to blame the military. The district has training range 102 teams of internal troops. During the summer, here are held shooting exercises. Eyewitnesses say that just in these days of firing artillery shells.

In turn, representatives of 102 teams have denied involvement in the fire. Just a couple of days ago, soldiers themselves fought the fire, which threatened their territory, says the commander.
Who is right or wrong - court will decide, according to district leaders. Material and moral damages to compensate all the same someone has to. Only if it helps restore burned pastures and vineyards.
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