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Sunday, 23.02.2020, 05:17
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The price of oil on world markets is reduced. On the New York Stock Exchange price of November futures was 81.5 dollars per barrel, reports the Associated Press. The reason is cheaper in the desire of investors to take profits after during the previous trading price of "black gold" has updated a maximum of two months.
Category: Economic news | Views: 603 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.10.2010

Real Estate in Russia next year will rise in price by 12%, in the end, our country will become a leader on this indicator in the world, and only a little Hong Kong could overtake her, say leading analysts, Interfax reported. Thus, the forecasts for Russia are going against the global trend.
Category: Economic news | Views: 434 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.10.2010

In Russia, came a period of high prices and the reason for it - the abnormal heat. Since early August, retailers have begun to receive new price lists from our suppliers, in which food prices were at 10-60% higher than before, in turn, buyers perceive the situation calmly and recognize that without a price increase this fall indispensable. Champions of today are still buckwheat, which supplies virtually dried up in the country, and flour, the price of which soared as much as 50%.
Category: Economic news | Views: 445 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 12.08.2010

Central Bank puts into circulation a new note to a thousandth of the sample. Service Pack notes may appear at the end of this year. The very same bill will be put into circulation in the second half of this year. Design notes will remain unchanged, but will include new safety features, which may be, will make some adjustments in the appearance of the banknote. In the future, the Bank of Russia plans to consider the possibility of introducing new security features and other bills.
Category: Economic news | Views: 458 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 11.08.2010

Russia will spend on tourism development nearly 350 billion rubles. The government finally approved the document by the Federal Target Program "Development of domestic tourism" in the years 2011-2016, reports Prime-TASS ". Expenditures were divided on the principle - 1 ruble gives state 2 rubles - a private investor. The government noted that if there is not a sufficient number of project participants, the cost of the program still does not have to be passed on to the budget.
Category: Economic news | Views: 749 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 26.07.2010

Total raised its own resources of the Dagestan regional branch of Rosselkhozbank the average increased to 1 billion 696 million rubles. From October 1, 2007 to July 1 this year, attracted by its own resources increased from 205.5 million to 1 billion 905 million rubles.
Category: Economic news | Views: 531 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 23.07.2010

The farmland Tarumovskogo area were under threat "is rising to its wing locusts. It is difficult to predict where and how to show itself insect. It became a real threat to agriculture area. In the main focus of infection - a grazing pastures for cattle grazing. Almost every day locusts occupy more and more territory, devouring everything in its path. Need to take urgent action to halt the invasion. However, funds for the purchase of pesticides landowners have to find ourselves. On the fields of locust spreads like an infection. Meanwhile, its own forces and resources to combat it is not enough - complain to the district administration.
Category: Economic news | Views: 524 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.07.2010

Russia decided to suspend consultations with Moldova on the supply of Moldovan wines on the Russian market. In Rospotrebnadzor have recently appeared serious claims to the quality of the Moldovan wine. The reason for the suspension of the consultations was the statement at a press conference in Chisinau, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry of Moldova Valery Kosarchuk that the Moldovan wine is not harmful.
Category: Economic news | Views: 686 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

cropSevere heat not only exhausts the European part of Russia, but also melts the Arctic ice. In the lowland areas of the country to 40 degrees in the mountains - up to 34. Overcast weather did not give any hope village workers. The drought has destroyed 9,000,000 hectares of crops.

Last year Novolakskiy SEC raised and preserved a good harvest, which allowed farmers to take leading positions in the republic. But with the year of the tiger in novolaktsev at once went wrong - Torrential rains have not given time to sow, and the anomalous heat has destroyed all that sprouted. Moreover - and the financial crisis raging in all.

Even the foremost production shrug - nature has once again showed who depends on whom. This drought does not bode well. It seems that once again be written off acres of arable land and wait for help from the center. Insure the harvest of the village is not yet accustomed to, and therefore remains scrape by su ... Read more »
Category: Economic news | Views: 669 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

The new budget car will appear in Russia in late 2011, said at a meeting with Vladimir Putin, head of AvtoVAZ, Igor Komarov. "We will start a project to create a platform and a car adapted to road conditions in Russia, proceeding from the fact that the Russians want, and what they can afford." AvtoVAZ also launched a project on production of five models of the three brands. It starts in March 2012. By the fall will be ready a list of suppliers of components for the budget models, mostly foreigners.
Category: Economic news | Views: 561 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

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