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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:42
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Main » 2010 » July » 10 » Dagestan plants use modern equipment
Dagestan plants use modern equipment
Dagestan plants use modern equipment. Thus, Kikuninskom canning operation introduced aseptic line. It allows you to store semi-finished products of more than 600 tons. This enables the plant to work all year round.

In Gergebile two misfortunes. Implementation of apricots and irrigation. Our people are hardworking, say local, the land is fertile, too. Here only the lazy do not have gardens, so Gergebelsky district or, as the people say, apricot region since ancient times provides almost the whole of Dagestan apricots, peaches and other fruits. Only under the apricots here account for more than 300 hectares of land. On average, for 23 weave per inhabitant. Therefore, orchards - this bread gergebeltsev. It would seem that more of life should be. Live and Work, but that's working conditions, say local, long in need of modernization.

Magomedbek Alibekov works on the land nearly all his life. An experienced gardener said that grow apricots with local irrigation, and more precisely, with its absence - is almost titanic task. I have a headache yet, and with the implementation of the product. Travel outside of Dagestan too expensive considers Alibekov, so get it sorted, each as it may.

Addressing gergebeltsy see in stimulating the private entrepreneur. Now from our region every day to take out 200-300 tons of fruits a day, and this despite the fact that the earth can give more. It turns out that due to lack of irrigation system, we do not use the potential of land, even by half, say local. Each family makes a manual feed, but even this is only enough for one watering per season. And they must be at least three.

There was a time, say gergebeltsy when our apricot region is famous not only for the whole of Dagestan, but the whole of Russia. Gradually the fame fades away, and therefore have to work twice. For now, state support, we are expecting not only we, the local joke, but our apricot orchards.
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