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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:46
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Main » 2010 » June » 30 » Today the President of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov has written to the People's Assembly of the Republic
Today the President of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov has written to the People's Assembly of the Republic
Today the President of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov has written to the People's Assembly of the Republic. The meeting room was attended not only deputies, but the government as a whole, heads of cities and districts, heads of federal and republican authorities, the media. This is the first message of the current head of Dagestan Magomedsalama Magomedov. Message from the President - the event itself is important. Therefore, despite the fact that the agenda of the session included about 30 questions, focusing all the president and his policy document.

Head of the republic Magomedsalam Magomedov his message deputies began with the most important and fundamental issues, outlined the main priorities of the development of Dagestan. This is a fight against extremism and terrorism, economic development, private business, improving investment attractiveness of the region, the modernization of all spheres of life, including the administration. Before going to the goals, it is important to face the truth, the president said. The current situation in Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov called complex and even crisis.

The main thing that prevents Dagestan develop, except unemployment, corruption and backwardness of the economy, so this is a negative image of the republic, the president said. Our country is no longer associated in people with age-old culture, sea and hospitality. The criminal actions of extremists led to that Dagestan in the eyes of many looks ignorant, dangerous and backward. We really can change everything, said Magomedsalam Magomedov. The only important thing to learn to fight for the minds of people, both within the republic and beyond. But this will require fundamental changes - said the President.
The theme of combating terrorism, the president simply could not afford to ignore. It's our main brake on development. However, a clear and precise plan to combat this problem, we still do not. That's why the president is not satisfied with the results. Of particular concern, and criminal situation in Dagestan. This is largely because, of course, corruption in government and law enforcement structures, but here the President drew attention to the fact that it was important to change people's attitudes towards the police. Mistrust in many respects only prevents work. Tie all the problems with the poor performance of law enforcement is also impossible, he said. Here it is necessary to solve many social, economic and ideological issues.

In this regard, the President noted that the Government should radically revise the draft Strategy for socio-economic development in Dagestan. Required such a document, said Magomedsalam Magomedov, who will be based on the ideology of radical modernization of the economy and social sphere. Magomedsalam Magomedov again reminded that we must intensify our work to establish the most favorable investment climate, as well as to create favorable conditions for entrepreneurship in the republic, but so private businesses to feel the desire to cooperate with authorities. The president said in his message, and the need for land reform, increase the state defense order, improving the efficiency of agricultural production, the development of modern transport and telecommunications infrastructure. One of the key themes and messages was that over the past decade, Dagestan has lost its leading position in the North Caucasus region.

A necessary condition for solving problems facing the republic is an effective and, most importantly, coordinated activities of government bodies and local authorities. And those, in turn, must learn to rationally spend budget funds. It is important to speed up and introduction of modern technologies in the sphere of governance. Here he is referring to the development of effective anti-corruption practices, the involvement of civil society institutions to monitor the activities of authorities and the introduction of electronic government.

Summing up, the President noted that one way or another, all reforms should be aimed at improving people's lives, ordinary Dagestanis. And from the activities of parliamentarians, their adoption of adequate, necessary legislative instruments will depend on the state of Dagestani society.
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