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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:46
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Main » 2011 » July » 19 » The work of directors of three schools in the district was criticized Karabudakhkent
The work of directors of three schools in the district was criticized Karabudakhkent
In Karabudakhkent area was enlarged meeting of the juvenile and protection of their rights with an invitation to school principals and employees of the department of education on the basis of the school year.

As deputy head of district administration Asadullah Hajiyev, during a status of universal education for children of school age found that six minors director Manas A. Magomedov secondary school were excluded as non-achiever, they stayed out of school. In addition, Gubdenskoy Gurbukinskoy and secondary school № 1 left out of 10 children.

On the audit committee for minors and protection of their rights brought to administrative responsibility of the Administrative Code st.535 administrative fine eight parents of 500 rubles, and 2 - be forewarned.

Manas administration work, and Gubdenskoy Gurbukinskoy (№ 1) schools to reach children meeting the educational process not enough.

Recommended that the administration of these schools continue to work on the educational process of minor children and to pay greater attention to the ideological and moral education, anti-nationalism, extremism and terrorism.

For lack of work on expanding the educational process of children Head of Education and the district director Manas secondary school, secondary school Gubdenskoy, Gurbukinskoy School № 1 warned that future will be taken more drastic measures.

Question neohvata minor children the education process in schools is under constant control of the head of district administration and KDNiZP.

Already in October scheduled for re-discussion of the issue to reach the learning process of minor children.

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