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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:43
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Main » 2010 » August » 11 » Results of five-year work today summed up the Dagestan Energy Retail Company
Results of five-year work today summed up the Dagestan Energy Retail Company
Results of five-year work today summed up the Energy Company of Dagestan. Joint Stock Company "DESK" is working under difficult conditions of chronic non-payments, but its activity is aimed at ensuring a stable supply to customers, said at a press - conference, effective work in the wholesale and retail electricity markets and to improve their funding.

As expected, at the beginning of the press conference a little bit about the history of the company. Dagestan Energy appeared in the reform of RAO UES of Russia "in July 2005. Today the company - A supplier of electricity in the territory of the Republic of Dagestan. Activities of JSC "DESK" is aimed at ensuring a stable supply to customers. Only here to avoid blackouts so far failed.

Not bypassed energy and natural disasters. Abnormal heat - high demand for air conditioners and refrigerators, and as a result - the growth of energy consumption in times. This growth was 5%. He also connected with the construction boom that has occurred in our country. 200 million kWh of electricity this year will take more than last year.

The company operates around the clock, since delivers electricity to each consumer's republic. Despite the fact that after all non-payments are available, the company tries not to turn off consumers, as it was last year, looking for exits and ways of solving problems. Sales for the first half of 2010 amounted to a monetary 2 billion 671 million compared to year 2009 increased by 28%, which is associated with the growth rates and levels of consumption.

Relatively blackouts, which were in the past year, Galip Galip said that in 2010 these measures have not used except for some consumers, they cut off in address order. However, if the debtor will not repay the debt, then DESK resort to unpopular measures.
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