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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:17
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Main » 2010 » June » 30 » Makhachkala administration improves the beach
Makhachkala administration improves the beach
The Administration has set its capital for improvement of urban beach. Chapter Makhachkala Said Amirov allocated more than 4 million rubles. Already renovated locker rooms, showers, a machine for cleaning sand also purchased. Every day the situation on the water control rescuers.

- At your service volleyball court, a police office, shower cubicles ...
In the information service Galina Mamaeva works more than 10 years. It tells not only about the services the beach. My place of work - a kind of lost property office, recognized the woman. It is one thing - to find lost documents or keys. It is quite another when after years of parents bring children. That, they say, meet, you find Aunt Galya, says the woman. Metropolitan Beach - the heart of the coast, because for them need special monitoring.

Do lifeguards at the beach there is rarely a free moment. The working day of people brave the profession begins at nine in the morning. All gather in the center. Parses the community, vests and boats - the most important things in the arsenal of rescuers. All PE per day, say at his post record here in a special journal. If necessary, provide first aid or even call for emergency help can and doctors.

The situation on the beach is now much different from that which was, for example, a year ago, they say here. On the coast, repaired 15 changing rooms, shower rooms. Here and there, changed the door. Protected against the vagaries of nature - rain or the scorching sun - can now be under the wooden eaves. All expenditures amounted to 2 million rubles, said the director of the beach. The only thing left - to start cleaning machines.

Sea, sun and sand. A striking addition to steel and volleyball court with a gym under the sky. Undoubtedly, swim, sunbathe, meet sunrises and sunsets on the beach, in a word, relax better on the sea beach. Especially when there are, where to turn. Because of its length about 1 km.
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