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Monday, 22.07.2019, 12:39
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Main » 2010 » June » 18 » Insurers propose to make a direct damages no alternative
Insurers propose to make a direct damages no alternative
Insurers propose to make a direct damages no alternative. That is injured in the accident will not have to choose who to go for the payment - your insurance company or the guilty party. This will facilitate the work and the insurers themselves, controlling their bodies, and by motorists. Now injured in the accident may apply for payment of your insurance company, not the insurer to seek the culprit. But it can do so only if the accident involved only two cars, both are insured on compulsory motor TPL insurance, and it does not hurt people. In all other situations should contact the company guilty party. I must say that the direct compensation - an optional measure. The victim may be the choice to apply either their company or the company counterparts. Moreover, some insurers, for whatever reasons, are denied this service. And then, willy-nilly, the victim must apply to the insurer culprit.
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