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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:36
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Main » 2011 » July » 19 » In the DSU Wellness rest is massive and affordable
In the DSU Wellness rest is massive and affordable
Wellness DagestanDespite the reduction in funding for summer recreation campaign, the number of tourists in spas teachers Daggosuniversiteta Caucasian Mineral Waters rose through individual discounts.

Two sanatorium in Kislovodsk in Zheleznovodsk went to such discounts to DSU because the trade union committee of the University provided them with large orders, entering into major contracts with them for public recreation university students. "In addition, mass recreation, along with the teachers can provide continuity of the educational process", - says the chairman of the trade union committee DSU Nuhkadi Rabazanov. According to him, students spend time with their wards as in the period of study and leisure.

"This year we have reduced funding for summer recreation campaign about 30-40%," - stated the source, and explained how out of this situation. In two directions has been put out to tender. As a result of competition for the leisure and health students chose two resort cities of Kislovodsk and Zheleznovodsk. To cover the largest number of teachers who are in need of rehabilitation and reconstruction, the trade union committee of the University made a mutually beneficial proposal.

 "Given what we have with these two spas signed major contracts for the organization of mass recreation and leisure of students, have them substantial discounts on tours for teachers. The second year working with the sanatorium Semashko, and have already formed a trust relationship, "- said Nuhkadi Rabazanov.

If there is the cost per bed-days in 1880 rubles, or employees for Daggosuniversiteta this price is 1260 rubles, 35% discount. In Zheleznovodsk value of a voucher for teachers, including rehabilitation and treatment costs about 1300 rubles. "Due to these discounts we were able to increase the number of permits for teachers" - the chairman of trade union DSU, reinforcing his argument digits. If last year for the entire period rested about 40 people this year on July 10 had already left on vacation only to trade union vouchers 64 teachers. Most of them are resting in a sanatorium Semashko. In total, this year's holiday is sent more than 350 students. For each group of 20 to 25 people have one leader. They are selected from among teachers in the light of experience.

The novelty of the current campaign was improving and solving transportation problems. In the past year used the old buses, and they are not enough. To the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters as many as 800 kilometers. This long trip was tiring and uncomfortable. The solution was simple but massive. Agreed with the larger transport companies, which can provide timely, modern transport units, namely the double-decker buses.

Last year, recalled Nuhkadi Rabazanov, having transportation problems. Therefore agreed with the private transport companies, "which can carry traffic for recreation and leisure students and teachers throughout the period of the campaign and provide recreational transportation that meets the requirements of safety and comfort." The interviewee said that a prerequisite of the contract was that the buses were equipped with air conditioning and TV. "Three groups of students we have already sent, and found that the condition is satisfied. Good double-decker bus today. There are places where you can sit and, and lie down, and a place with tables where you can eat "- stated Nuhkadi Rabazanov. While sending the next group July 9 students were pleasantly surprised by the conditions that exist in the cabin of the bus.

 In the past year had problems due to the fact that the groups are large. "Now the largest group of not more than 40-45 people. No comments from the administration of health centers so far, and I hope that will not "- he added.

Another innovation this year was the distribution of quotas for faculty, which allows to make a qualitative selection, because the faculties of the students know better.

Lists are formed on the faculties of teachers, guidance departments, who know their students better and can vouch for them. When we were talking about how students are selected on the rest, entered the office assistant dean of the Faculty of Economics of the educational and social work Magomedzagid Magomedov, who gave an exhaustive answer to this question. He oversaw one of the groups returned from Kislovodsk on 10 July, and brought a pile of student reviews, written in any form. In their responses students have to say about the importance of rehabilitation and recreation as an integral part of active social work and a good education.

According Magomedzagid Magomedov of the trade union committee has received an order to them, 50% - it is a social quota - should be the students who are orphaned, polusiroty, people with disabilities who require treatment, and 20% - this public figures who contributed greatly to the organization of the faculty and 30% - this is Excellent. He assured that these proportions actually were strictly observed. "Students, too, knowing that the selection is made objectively and actively applied for", - said Magomedov.

Nuhkadi Rabazanov added: "Before sending the students have raised awareness that they realize that the rest for them - a reward for doing well at school, with an active social work, to rest, too, became a stimulus for further work and study."

Deputy Dean said: "We honestly thank the trade union committee, because from my colleagues hear that in other universities such opportunities do not. And the rector of the university Murtazali Hulataevich, and the trade union committee chairman Nuhkadi Ibrahimovic tried to make the best students and teachers a rest in excellent conditions. " He also reminded the students of economic faculty have made the past 2 arrival, ie, the two leaders and 43 students rested in Kislovodsk.
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