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Monday, 22.07.2019, 12:40
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Main » 2010 » August » 10 » In s.Horedzh Tabasaran area for several months without electricity
In s.Horedzh Tabasaran area for several months without electricity
Residents of the village Horedzh Tabasaran area unlike pogareltsev from the village Anchih - much luck. The fire due to wiring fault they are not threatened, all because, in Horedzhe several months there is no light. But the fire hazard is not an option. Lack of electricity to people gives a lot of problems. Burnt household appliances from power surges, no people is not going to recover. Moreover, the supply of electricity in the village has still not resumed.

More recently, the villagers Horedzh Tabasaran district celebrated the arrival in their home natural gas and the opening of the new school. Whether washed poorly, or somewhere decided that all at once in one hand can not ... For more than a month from 300 households of the village there is no light. Refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances went to the dump - burnt plastic already useless. Plus, an unusual hot and thirsty and hungry always.

Interruptions of light have long been a familiar phenomenon, and the deterioration of the weather even more. Emergency crews have time to not always and everywhere to establish electricity. Perturbation of people can understand, except that in the administration of them even do not want to listen. So it turns out that the light in the village of constantly jumping as cardiogram. And now do even.

Collected and village gatherings, and sent delegates to the regional center - only now benefit from this is not enough. People seem to simply not hear. A dozen times burning transformer now stands as damaged tanks and a reminder that the good of civilization - the light - there once was.
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