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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:44
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Main » 2011 » July » 19 » In Makhachkala, further develop the program of agricultural development
In Makhachkala, further develop the program of agricultural development
In Makhachkala, further develop the program of agricultural development
Department of Agriculture Administration of Makhachkala city has finalized the program of agricultural development of the city, designed for 2010-2012, which will bring the city animal to the republican level. Told the head of the city Department of Agriculture Zalkepli Abdulkhalik, the main objective of the program - increasing the volume of agricultural production by 7-8% annually.

Also in the program, according to Abdulhalikova planned to reduce unemployment in the suburbs.

Every year on the construction of new facilities, he said, the city budget is allocated for the purchase of fertilizers, lubricants, protective equipment, zoovetpreparatov.

In addition, the program provides an annual growth of the livestock at the expense of investors. According to the Department of Agriculture, the volume of agricultural production in all categories of enterprises in 2010 grew to $ 389 million rubles. Compared with 2009, the percentage of this figure was 107%, mainly due to smallholders and peasant farms, and farms in the municipalities of growth is not observed, but there is no downward trend.

To date, areas of land for agricultural purposes are Makhachkala 26 000 992 ha reserved for municipalities and other agricultural enterprises - private farms (LPH), the peasant-farmers (KFH). In the municipality there are nearly 14 000 head of cattle.

The city has more than 23 thousand smallholders, more than 1,400 peasant farms, which is two to three times higher than in any major region of the republic.
Currently, the capital of the agrarian structure dominated by small farms. In 2010, the production of agricultural products involved in nearly 25 000 businesses and individuals, which was produced by a certain amount of agricultural products.

Among the priorities for development will be livestock.

Currently out on calves 100 head of MUP "Shamhalsky" is 94% (98), and on the "March 8" - 77% (85). Agricultural company "Leninkent" in the framework of the Programme for the Development of dairy farming has developed a business plan for the construction of animal husbandry in 1000 cows in the village Leninkent. "We hope that the government and the USDA RD RD can help with the inclusion of this object in the investment lending program of 800 million rubles, as well as private equity - 200 million rubles. And believe me, with the introduction of a system this complex is much increased and the production of milk and meat production. This is due to rapid population growth in Makhachkala, the need for fresh dairy products, preschools, schools, hospitals and the local population ", - said Abdulkhalik.

In further develop the program included a new section - "Poultry". According Abdulhalikova, villages and Krasnoarmeyskoye Shamkhal has two major poultry farms.

To all of these areas of agriculture have been developed since last year, according to the decision of the Mayor contests among farms, farmers and smallholders to be the best. More than a thousand farmers have received land in use for 40 years.
In addition, to provide various forms of agricultural subsidies from the state and federal budgets.
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