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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:57
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Main » 2011 » July » 19 » Dagestan State University among the best universities in the country
Dagestan State University among the best universities in the country
Dagestan state univercityInternational Information Group "Interfax" and the radio station "Ekho Moskvy" data released their joint project to develop a national ranking of the leading higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation up to 2010.

It is worth noting that the feature ranking of universities maintained by the "Interfax" together with "Echo of Moscow", is that unlike the vast majority of ratings in Russia the selection of participants of this rating was not conducted on the basis of preliminary bilateral consultations were not made and mailed to the address ranked universities any interrogatories documents, proposals of a commercial nature, and so on. All reviews of the university is on the basis of expert procedures conducted by the Group "Interfax" and "Echo of Moscow".

In October 2009, as a result of competitive procedures UAB "INFO-Invest" - a subsidiary of the "Interfax" - has signed a government contract with the Federal Agency for Education to develop the foundations of an independent assessment and the formation of ratings of Russian universities. Using an original technique allowed to form in 2009, a rating of 50 universities in the country. In the second year the number of universities in the ranking has increased more than twice, and results for the 2010 include data from 104 high schools have the Russian Federation. The only representative of the Republic of Dagestan in the joint ranking of the first year of its compilation is Dagestan State University. The ranking included all the leading universities of the country: two national university of Moscow State University and State University, all federal and national research universities, etc.

The composite ranking of the leading universities in the country DSU took 49th place. This high position thanks to good performance in specific practical Daggosuniversiteta categories, as in the overall ranking - a total result of all nominations. For North Caucasus Federal District AIS along with the Kabardino-Balkar State University shares the 1-2nd place in this ranking.
Thus, in the category of "educational activities of the university," where the main criteria were bound for the number of students of all levels of training, assessment skills PPP evaluation of educational programs, assessment of the quality of applicants, the assessment of resource support of the educational process of the material and technical base, etc., DSU took 36th place.

In the category "Research activities of the university," which assessed the impact of post-graduate and doctoral programs, assessment of resource supply logistics of the research process, evaluation of the achievements of PPPs in the field of science and research, etc., Dagestan university took 52nd place .

"Sotsializatorskaya activities of the university" - yet another category to evaluate colleges and universities, which are important educational programs on social and human sciences, educational programs, further education, graduates of the dynamics of activity in the regional labor market, etc. In this category, DSU finished 38th.

In the category "International activities of the university," which assessed the academic mobility of students, teachers and university scientists, the level of international educational programs, the impact on foreign markets, education, research, amount of funds from international activities, indicators of collaboration with foreign universities and research institutions in science research activity, University of Daghestan took 49th place.

In the category of "Brand", which is taken into account when determining the reputation of the university, strategy development, management and success of graduates, along with the achievements of the university in the process of selection of elites in national and international levels, as well as take into account public figures and representatives of the expert institution, Daggosuniversitet finished 54th place.

In the last category - "Innovation and commercialization" - the value attached to the results of intellectual activities of the institution: Russian patents for inventions and utility models and other types of intellectual property (software, know-how), registered Rospatent, the proportion of university created MIPov the total number of registered small innovative enterprises, the assessment of the development of innovation infrastructure, DSU finished 55th.

Also, an additional rating, which evaluated the information content of websites of all 104 high schools, the site DSU www.dgu.ru got into the second group of four possible.

In the Daggosuniversitete welcomed the results of the study, though, according to the spokesperson of the DSU Magomed Kurbanov, the university expects in the future for more.

"In general" golden mean "in this prestigious ranking, of course, already good, but I think the university may be higher, and we can count on this in the future. The fact that a lot, for example, updating the material and technical base for training and for the research process, the conclusion of bilateral partnership agreements with a number of regional and international institutions are actively going on in our country only in recent years, some laboratories are open to both general recent months, there are those who will only be launched in the near future. And it's all important factors affecting the quality of the educational and research process, a qualitative change in the results, which in turn affects the location of the university in a particular rating.

This ranking should take into account the fact that it includes two national, eight federal and 28 universities belonging to the "National research universities," and that the DSU does not belong to any one of these special categories of universities in the country, in fact , competes on a par with them, pleasantly pleased.

For us the important results of the research data agency for another reason. This rating is carried out as independent - the experts "Interfax" and "Echo of Moscow" is not in contact with the universities themselves do not offer any sort of conditions for inclusion in the rating, etc., we learn about it only when there are results on the agency's website. Frankly, we are constantly receiving proposals for the inclusion of high school in all kinds of ratings on a commercial basis, to participate in commercial projects such as the "100 leading universities," etc. Simply put, we also offer to buy a place in one or another list of "best", but the DSU in principle they do not participate. The position of the university is simple - we do our work, and evaluation of the results let us deal with independent people, and it is desirable to make it professional, "- he said.

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