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Sunday, 23.02.2020, 05:07
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News Dagestan

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In Dagestan, unidentified persons fired at a car, the wounded were there people Kizilyurt. incident occurred on the eve of entering the Kizilyurt. The unknown, who were in a black car "VAZ-2114", from automatic weapons fired specimen Volkswagen Touareg, driven by a resident of Kizilyurt. The driver was not injured during the shelling, but his two passengers were injured. A criminal case under Art. 30, 105 part 1 (attempted murder) of the Criminal Code.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 517 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 26.07.2010

The incident occurred the night before in the village Shamilkala Untsukulsky area. The unknown broke into the apartment, where he lived the chief engineer of JSC "Sulak hydrocascade Vladimir Redkin and, at gunpoint, dragged a man from the house. Then, put in a car, took 56-year-old Vladimir Redkina an unknown napravlenii.Po this criminal case under articles 126 part 2 222 part 1 of the Criminal Code. Currently, the district conducted its search.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 583 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 23.07.2010

Another incident occurred last night in Makhachkala. Killed the Bishop of Dagestan of the Christians of Evangelical Faith "Hosanna" Arthur Suleimanov.
Unidentified shot Suleymanova in the street. Details about the incident is being investigated.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 617 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.07.2010

In Khasavyurt as a result of the collision killed two members of illegal armed groups, RBC reports quoting the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic. Today, around 6:00, law enforcement officials in conducting search operations in the house 5-A ul.Bammatyurtovskaya were blocked by members of illegal militias. On the demand to surrender to militants opened fire from automatic weapons and threw grenades. As a result, were killed two militants: 24-year-old Maridi Tata named Abdurahman and 27 year-old Anzor Hajiyev, nicknamed Al-Bara. Both were part of a gang led by 31-year Umalatov Magomedov, destroyed by 31 December 2009. Three other militants were detained, three members of the MUP were wounded.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 599 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.07.2010

In Khasavyurt on suspicion of aiding insurgents detained owner of the house, which sheltered two criminals, his wife and son born in 1993, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the law enforcement authorities of the republic. In the house during the search found three rocket-propelled grenade "Bumblebee", two rifles, two pistols, grenades and ammunition. Also, security forces seized an improvised explosive device, 100 grams of TNT, 10 pounds of aluminum nitrate and 3 kilograms of aluminum powder. According to the press service of the FSB Department for Dagestan, the hostess is suspected of recruiting suicide bombers.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 558 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 16.07.2010

In Botlikh district crashed military helicopter. Carrying out routine fly, helicopter rotor touched a mountainside and made an emergency landing in the valley. The crew was forced to urgently put a helicopter. Crew members were not injured. Arms and ammunition that were in the helicopter after the crash scattered for several hundred yards around the crash site. The area cordoned off by a helicopter crash. On-site investigation team is working.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 500 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 14.07.2010

According to the National Anti-Terrorist Committee of Russia in Dagestan, the FSB and the Russian Interior Ministry as a result of spetsopertsii been arrested six suspected suicide bombers aged 15 to 29 years and the second accompanying their men. One of them, according to the NAC delivered bombers, in the Moscow subway in March of this year, when the explosions occurred at the station "Lubyanka" and "Amusement Park".
As it turned out four of the detained young women widowed earlier neutralized the militants. Incidentally, two of them are missing, and has been subjected to criminal liability for possession of weapons. In the apartment, where they were detained "suicide" found the attributes of criminal activity - two "suicide bomber belts, necessary tools for change and a religious literature of jihad, a notebook with the number of motor vehicles law enforcement officers and two cartridges are loaded pistol Makarov, one with a silencer .
Category: Accidents news | Views: 505 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 13.07.2010

Last night in Khasavyurt was killed by unidentified deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Internal Affairs Ahmed Khasavyurt Hajiyev. ... Read more »
Category: Accidents news | Views: 501 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 13.07.2010

Last weekend members of ATS on the Kirov District of Makhachkala in the inspection area at the intersection of Sverdlov and Gromov in the bushes found and confiscated a Kalashnikov rifle, 3 shops, filled with 90 rounds of 7.62 mm, the laser sight. In addition, detectives found two deodorant, pouch to store the automaton, a cloth bag with black straps. By intelligence, weapons, ammunition and other items owned by a resident of Makhachkala, living on the street Building, in whose house shortly before law enforcement officers conducted obyskovye activities and found a Kalashnikov rifle, improvised explosive devices and Wahhabi literature. Police officers take steps to apprehend the owner of the house.
RIA "Dagestan"
Category: Accidents news | Views: 471 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 05.07.2010

In the forest village Agachaul near Makhachkala, was found blown up car "Lada" with fragments of human tel.Predpolagaetsya that the device exploded when the car carrying three people.
Currently, investigators are finding the power and the type of explosive device, as well as the circumstances of the incident.
Category: Accidents news | Views: 487 | Added by: peterssidor | Date: 01.07.2010

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