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Monday, 22.07.2019, 12:56
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News Dagestan

Main » 2010 » June » 18 » Two large facility built in Ahvahskom area under the investment program "South of Russia"
Two large facility built in Ahvahskom area under the investment program "South of Russia"
Two large facility being built today in Ahvahskom area under the investment program "South of Russia". Water piping in the village Tadmagikl and sports complex at the district center Karat. Sportobekt elevate the third consecutive year.

ordered object, but the time to transfer the money forgotten. For three years, as they say, an hour on a teaspoon. In the last year listed a little more than 11 million rubles. In that release these funds in the first place? In the sports complex is a huge hall for training, educational building, dormitory and the completion of landscaping.

Despite insufficient funding, staff Kizilyurt SMU is not discouraged. Using its own funds Ibrahim Magomedov hires people trying not to delay the work and payment. Here they say we are in the construction business a long time and carry out an order in a credit account is not the first time. Sixth year Abakar manages crane. His work is solid trip. However, what concerns wages, said the problems have not accounted for.

The object of this scale for Ahvahskogo area - just manna from heaven. It was long gone-scale construction projects. The harsh climate and very fertile soil does not provide the full deployment of the construction. But the sporting achievements may well be.

The potential of sport in the area actually is, in its time - Ahvahsky region famous for double world champion on fights without rules Magomedhan Gamzathanov known in the sports world as the "Wolf Khan and Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Zagalav Abdulbek. It is true, then do not require huge halls for this. Well as they say, what time - such requirements.
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