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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 16:07
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Main » 2010 » July » 1 » Message from the President went to the people. In the Republic started his wide-ranging discussion
Message from the President went to the people. In the Republic started his wide-ranging discussion
On the eve of the President of Dagestan voiced his first letter to the People's Assembly of the Republic. Today the paper went to mass, it will publish the media, information sites have recently posted message on their pages. Politicians, officials, public figures - all discussing the main directions of the Address. Some of them gave their assessment of the presidential message.

Message from the President of the People's Assembly in the parliamentary and public circles of Dagestan will be discussed for a long time. In a relatively short document Magomedsalam Magomedov identified all the main theses of the further development of our republic. From his attention did not leave the main problems that pose in Dagestan unfavorable conditions for development. Message from the President, is serve out his kind of strategy to further the work of many leaders. Because each of them singled out for yourself the main points that relate to precisely the scope of its activities. For example, the chairman of the Writers Union of Dagestan, said that the development of the country with its enormous potential, not looking at all of the problems is impossible without adequate attention to culture. This topic has not gone from the attention of the president.

Some call the document a frank conversation with each Dagestanis someone compares the message with the medical diagnosis, which clearly gives recommendations for treatment. Anyway, while there is only a plan for further work. The President is quite transparently hinted that mistakes of politicians should not take place. Particular attention is paid to the President of the inefficiency of the state apparatus. In what his words were confirmed by specific examples. By managerial miscalculations he took the situation in Dagestan with the federal target programs. Having the opportunity to participate in the 23 federal programs, we receive funding for only nine of them. It turns out that the present regime does not justify the confidence of citizens, the president said. With this agreement and the Minister of Labour and Social Development, Ismail Efendiev. The president's words about the fact that unemployment is most pertinent to the problem of Dagestan, according to the fair. Therefore, it must be solved as quickly as possible.

Speaking of priorities, Magomesalam Magomedov said the fight against extremism and terrorism, economic development, private business, improving investment attractiveness of the region, the modernization of all spheres of life, including the administration. If we assume the President's message as a guide to action, then soon Dagestan can expect a pleasant change.
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