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Sunday, 21.07.2019, 15:50
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Main » 2010 » July » 16 » George Sivridi, author of myriad articles, methodological developments and textbooks in Russian, 80 years old
George Sivridi, author of myriad articles, methodological developments and textbooks in Russian, 80 years old
More than 50 years of his life he devoted to the Russian language. More recently, George Sivridi turned 80. He is the author of myriad articles, methodological development and textbooks on language. A method of his teaching, many students use everywhere.

In his cozy little office razverneshsya not hinder the book, loved violets, gifts from alumni. They come from all corners of the republic, in a hurry to congratulate beloved teacher on the jubilee. 80 years - not a small date. And once George Sivridi arrived in Dagestan was a child. Alone with his mother had to go through a difficult time of war. It was only announced by the country's universal education managed to finish my studies and obtain higher education.

After graduating from high school on the distribution Sivridi George finds himself in a rural school. His first disciples - the guys from Bashlykenta - remember it until now. To them he was the first teacher in higher education, and his Russian lessons to remember them forever.

Over 55 years of the Faculty of Philology Sivridi published about 200 scientific papers, participated in the development of textbooks on the Russian language for national schools. Do not consider competitions, practices, tutoring and study groups. Methods of teaching it simply unique, and former students have become themselves already teachers, scientists, apply it everywhere.

Faculty became his second home, and students - close relatives. They have collected a George Sivridi now more than any indigenous Daghestanis. By nationality a Greek, he became Dagestanis not because almost all his life lived in Dagestan, but because he devoted himself entirely to people. In the republic, and far beyond it, know it, remember and love. For him it is the highest award in my life.
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