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Monday, 22.07.2019, 12:50
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Main » 2010 » August » 11 » Because of the pipeline break in Derbent area contaminated with 80 hectares of land
Because of the pipeline break in Derbent area contaminated with 80 hectares of land
Black gold covers farmland in the Derbent region. 80 hectares of land SEC "Urali" is filled with oil. Breakthrough of the pipeline could lead to sad consequences, for the past few days the black thread, no one can stop. Responsible Service of attention is not paid, but the oil can stain their professional reputation.

Oil rivers and coast. SPK "Urali" in Derbent area flooded with oil. It is only at first glance, the rain of black gold, in fact, says the chairman of the economy, on its soil pipe had burst, which is set for oil production. As a result, 80 hectares of land covered with SEC. The exact damage podchitat not yet possible. Yes, and how to do it, says Shamhal Shamhalaev if this accident is still no one to prevent. Water with oil continues to irrigate the land. With whom the demand, the chairman does not know.

It happened only yesterday, say officials economy. The pipe had burst directly in front of them. Director and team leader at the time was not there, had to cope on their own. My first thought, says Ali Aliyev, is take away from the place of the accident people. After power of the explosion was very strong.
The smell of sulfur fumes in the air feels so far. By then it had already become accustomed. A little more, and the fountain of oil, the local joke, will be our attraction. Why fix crash on a course no one hurries. Why did the responsible service of inactive people do not know. Meanwhile, an explosion pipes for some long remain almost the most vivid impression in my life.
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